Who Am I Exactly?

OK, let me tell all of the readers out there exactly who I am, what I stand for, and why anyone should care.

I am a skeptic, a doubter, a freethinker. I reject indoctrination, religious dogma, intolerance, and all other irrational mindsets, claims, and policies. This is the subject matter you will find in this blog.

I am a fan of the greats of atheism, with my own personal idol being Richard Dawkins, as you will undoubtedly see in the quotes used in many of my posts. While reading Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” I felt depressed that I had no graduate degree, no great experience or tenure, and yet I wanted to become a voice to be heard on the subject. Consequently, I’ve started this blog to do just that. Please feel free to comment, whether positively or negatively, all I ask is that we don’t degrade ourselves to senseless, caps-locked and exclamation-point filled “flaming”.



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